TOPS Knives Brush Wolf Skinner Acid Rain 1095 Green Canvas Micarta Fixed Blade

Model: TP-BWLF-01
Manufacturer: TOPS
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Designed by Nate and Aaron Morgan, some TOPS fans with lots of outdoor field experience, the Brush Wolf is a Nessmuk inspired outdoor field knife that can handle lots of different roles effectively. An extra long handle offers multiple grip options and leverage when swinging while the blade is robust and designed to tackle a variety of outdoor cutting tasks. Acid Rain finish 1095 and green canvas Micarta are a time tested pair perfect for this unique fixed blade design.

Brand new directly from TOPS Knives, USA.

Blade: Differentially heat treated, 1095 carbon steel gets TOPS' Acid Rain finish for a great, rugged look and enhanced resistance to corrosion. The Nessmuk style blade has plenty of belly for skinning and can even be used in a pinch grip for added control. The high saber grind and 3/16-inch thick stock give durability for heavy use like batoning and light chopping while the saw back spine has multiple uses. Ferro rod striking for fire making is easy thanks to the 90-degree spine section.

Handle: The thick, contoured green canvas Micarta handle scales offer a secure grip even when wet. The extra long handle has two index choils, a generous palm swell and pronounced pommel end giving multiple grip options for versatility in use. An exposed pommel end can be used as an impact tool while divots on the scales can be used in bow drill fire making. A hollow tube allows for lanyard attachment.

Sheath: Carries via a stitched leather, deep pouch belt sheath with drop loop dangler.

1095 High Carbon Steel: Highly popular, simple carbon steel. Used extensively by both production and custom knife makers. Low abrasive wear due to low carbide content but very tough and easy to sharpen. Not corrosion resistant and will rust without proper care. TOPS utilizes a differential heat treat process which delivers a harder edge and tougher spine.


Overall Length 12.19"
Blade Length 6.47"
Sharpened Length 6.19"
Blade Thickness 0.19"
Blade Material 1095
Blade Type Stainless
Blade Rockwell 56-58 HRC
Handle Thickness 0.75"
Handle Material Micarta
Weight 11.43 oz.
Sheath Leather
Sheath Weight 6.74 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States