TOPS Knives Dicer 8 Chef's Kitchen Knife S35VN Blue Black G10 Micarta DCR8-01

Model: TP-DCR8-01
Manufacturer: TOPS
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A product of the TOPS Knives annual employee design contest, the new Dicer Line was designed to replace all your old kitchen knives. The Dicer 8 Chef's knife was an obvious choice to be an early release in the line as the two most used kitchen knives are generally the chef’s knife and the paring knife. The Dicer 8 has a 7.75” blade with a reinforced tip and is made from CPM S35VN steel for modern performance that will last the test of time. The layered Micarta and G10 handle is contoured offering ergonomic comfort during extended use. The Dicer 8 is a great choice for a home or professional kitchen or cooking a family meal at your favorite camp site.

Brand new directly from TOPS Knives, USA.

Blade: Made from nearly full height, flat ground CPM S35VN the Dicer 8 provides amazing slicing performance thanks to the sub-2.5mm blade thickness and tall blade height. The blade is finished with a rugged, heavy stone wash that hides wear from use and has a bit more belly than a traditional French Chef's knife facilitating rocking cuts and making a serviceable skinning knife in a pinch. S35VN is fully stainless for minimal maintenance but hand washing is recommended.

Handle: Layered black canvas Micarta and blue & black layered G10 offer excellent traction in the hand even when wet while being durable and weatherproof to hold up to heavy use. The handles are contoured for optimal comfort during long use especially when using a pinch grip near the blade and attached via stainless Allen bolts for security. The Dicer 8 is a Chef's knife can handle the bulk of your big kitchen tasks.

Sheath: Custom molded Kydex blade cover is included for storage.

CPM S35VN: Designed to offer improved toughness over CPM S30V, S35VN substitutes niobium for vanadium delivering an increase in toughness of about 15-20% with no appreciable loss of wear resistance. Increased toughness means better resistance to edge chipping. Corrosion resistance is on par with S30V.


Overall Length 12.25"
Blade Length 7.75"
Sharpened Length 7.75"
Blade Thickness 0.09"
Blade Material CPM-S35VN
Blade Type Stainless
Blade Rockwell 58-60 HRC
Handle Material G10, Micarta
Weight 9.10 oz.
Sheath Kydex
Sheath Weight 1.90 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States