TOPS Knives Storm Vector Seax Acid Rain 1095 Black Canvas Micarta Chopper

Model: TP-SVEC-01
Manufacturer: TOPS
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The Seax would have been part of your everyday carry if you were a Northern European from the time of around 793 AD – 1066. This was a multipurpose cutting tool for people young and old, rich or poor, and was as useful around the house as it was on the battlefield. Traditionally anywhere from around 8 inches all the way up to 30 inches, The TOPS Storm Vector has "mid-sized" blade with 12 inches of cutting edge made from 1/4 inch thick 1095 High carbon steel with an Acid Rain finish. Handles are a more modern black canvas Micarta with blue G10 liners. Fitting with the modern construction, this Old school design comes with an open spine Kydex sheath and a black leather dangler for mobility in carry. Unleash your inner Warrior with the massive TOPS Storm Vector.

Brand new, direct from TOPS Knives, USA. 

Blade: With a foot of cutting edge and a nearly full height flat grind the Wharncliffe like Seax blade slices and chops very effectively. Made in the "Broken Back" style, this Seax widens from the handle to the clip then tapers to a fine point. This creates a blade with powerful piercing ability and a weight forward design for chopping. A full size finger choil enhances safety and allows for added leverage in controlled cutting.

Handle: Sandwiching the beefy full tang construction are thick, dual blue G10 liners supporting contoured black canvas Micarta scales. Micarta offers optimal traction while subtle finger grooves, index guard and a pronounced pommel swell all combine to deliver a comfortable and secure handle with leverage for chopping as well as finer tasks. Black stainless hardware and two flared aluminum tubes attach the scales and allow for lanyard attachment.

Carries via an open side Kydex sheath with pull-the-dot retention strap and leather drop loop dangler.

1095 High Carbon Steel: Highly popular, simple carbon steel. Used extensively by both production and custom knife makers. Low abrasive wear due to low carbide content but very tough and easy to sharpen. Not corrosion resistant and will rust without proper care. TOPS utilizes a differential heat treat process which delivers a harder edge and tougher spine.


Overall Length 18.28"
Blade Length 12.63"
Sharpened Length 12.00"
Blade Thickness 0.25"
Blade Material 1095
Blade Type Carbon
Blade Rockwell 56-58 HRC
Handle Thickness 0.91"
Handle Material G10, Micarta
Weight 24.00 oz.
Sheath Kydex w/Leather Dangler
Sheath Weight 8.00 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States