Tuff-Writer Mini Click Brass Ink Pen Vehement Apocalypse Wash

Manufacturer: Tuff-Writer Tactical Pens
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The Tuff-Writer Mini Click raises the bar on quality of tactical ink pens. They are committed to having the best “Clicky” tactical pens on the market today. Utilizing their famous 416SS machined advancing mechanism with a two piece bearing-cam design for silky smooth operation, this pen is so smooth that it doesn't even click with a near silent operation.

Slightly smaller than the Precision Press Series, it has a fully modular all metal body that is machined out of brass combined with a tough brass pen tip. Cean appearance along with Duron o-rings for enhanced grip. The tip and the body have been specially acid washed by Vehement Knives' Matt Martin. The Apocalypse Wash gives the pen quite a unique and rugged look . An attached cold-pressed spring steel clip has a textured non-reflective powder coat finish for durability and corrosion resistance.

Pen comes with an installed #SPR4 Fisher Space med black refill that can write upside down. Forgoing a normal spacer, the pen uses a 2-56 screw threaded into the refill to adjust spacing and allows the pen to accommodate any Fisher sized refill.


Overall Length 5.25"
Thickness 0.45"
Material Brass
Weight 2.30 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States