UltiClip UltiLink Pinion Expansion Pack

Model #: UC-622-DPIN
Brand: UltiClip
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Expand the UltiLink system with this add-on kit. The UltiLink by Ulticlip, is a Rapid Attachment, Modular Linking System that allows for swift attachment, removal, and reattachment of Molle gear, sheaths, mag carriers, and other items. The UltiLink’s modular system makes it easy to transfer items between Molle, duty vest, belts, packs and from person to person.

(Not a complete kit)Includes: 2 Pinions with mounting hardware for belts, molle, knife sheaths, holsters, and other applications. The pinion works in conjunction with the lock unit allowing you to quickly remove, relocate, and reattach your gear.

The composite and stainless steel lock offers 12 angles of attachment making horizontal, vertical, and diagonal carry possible. Quickly remove, relocate, and reattach your gear with the UltiLink.

The Pinion is a primary component of the UltiLink system. The Pinion provides a rapid multi-angle attachment option when used in conjunction with the Lock Unit.

Brand New Direct From UltiClip, USA.


  • Bag 1 | 2 - Pinions, Washers, 3/8" Screws, 1/4" Posts
  • Bag 2 | 4 - Steel Pinion Clips
  • Bag 3 | 6 - Rubber Washers, 1/4" Posts, 3/8" Screws
  • Bag 4 | 1 - 1/2" Screw, 1/2" Post, Steel Post Washer
  • Bag 5 | 2 - Slotted Steel Mounting Plates

* Do not actuate the lock until mounted. Disassembly may occur by actuating unmounted unit.


Brand UltiClip
Material Polymer, Stainless Steel, Rubber
Weight 2.10 oz.
Country of Origin United States