Wicked Edge 5/3.5 Micron Diamond Paste Syringes and Leather Strops Pack

Model #: WKD-WE0503.5
Brand: Wicked Edge
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Wicked Edge 5 and 3.5 Micron Diamond Paste comes in syringes for clean and easy application to your strops. Each syringe is good for 8 to 9 applications and each application should function for 30 to 40 sharpening sessions. The 5/3.5 Micron Diamond Paste works very well with the included Wicked Edge Blank Leather Strops which are labeled for use with the Diamond Paste. A one step solution for blade maintenance to hone and polish at a very high level.


Brand Wicked Edge
Material Diamond Paste, Leather, Plastic
Condition New
Country of Origin United States