Work Sharp Benchstone Tri-Brasive Knife Sharpener WSBCHBSS

Model #: WS-BCHBSS
Brand: Work Sharp
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The Work Sharp Benchstone Knife Sharpener provides the precision and speed of sharpening you love from the Guided Sharpening System with the convenience of a fast change Tri-Brasive plate system. Ideal for sharpening all manner of knives and tools, the Benchstone sharpener offers interchangeable guides and the self adjusting Pivot-Response system which allows the abrasive to follow the curve of the blade for fast, precise sharpening for dull to razor sharp. The pivot can also be locked out based on use and user preference.

Medium and fine diamond plates remove damage and get you back to a working edge while the fine ceramic stone gets you that added sharpness. All plates are replaceable giving the sharpener extended life with proper care and no water or oil are required making the Benchstone ready for use when you are. The included magnetic angle guides deliver consistent and precise sharpening at 20° or 25° and can be replaced with optional guides available from Work Sharp.


  • 1 - Tri-brasive Benchstone Knife Sharpener
  • 1 - Anti-slip Base
  • 2 - 20/25° Sharpening Guides


Brand Work Sharp
Grit Type Carbide, Diamond
Grit Medium, Fine, Extra Fine
Length 8.50“
Width 2.88"
Weight 14.39 oz.
Condition New