Adler Super Splitter Maul Splitting Axe AD1310H28

Model #: AD-1310H28
Brand: Adler
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The Adler Super Splitter is a powerhouse maul or splitting axe. This specialized tool utilizes a hollow-forge expansion wedge head that forces wood apart without biding in the material for optimal efficiency need to split large volumes of wood. A perfect tool for setting up your winter's fire wood or handling general splitting tasks with speed, the massive 6.2 pound head is held securely in place via dual circular wedges for even pressure distribution while the handle is partially painted with high traction, non-slip paint for a secure grip during long and strenuous work. Additionally, the handle is equipped with a metal plate just below the head for added protection and increased handle life. Each axe comes with a snap leather edge cover for safe transport.

Brand new, direct from Adler Axes, Germany.

C45 Carbon Steel: A European version of 1045, this is a simple, low-carbon steel used in large, heavy-duty knives, throwing knives or chopping tools when toughness is the highest priority.


Brand Adler
Overall Length 31.19"
Head Length 7.50"
Head Thickness 2.10"
Head Steel C45
Blade Type Carbon
Handle Material Wood
Sheath Material Leather
Weight 130.00 oz.
Country of Origin Germany