Audacious Concept Hex9 Desktop Tool Holder Red Polymer

Model #: AC-3DP-HX9-RED
Brand: Audacious Concept
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Made from durable 3D printed red polymer with white center insert, the Hex9 desktop toolholder is an ideal option for smaller desks or other areas with limited space and is designed to hold a hex bit driver in the center surrounded by 9 bit holders. Unadorned except for three glow-in-the-dark dots for low light indexing, the lightweight red polymer version offers a low maintenance and budget friendly option for driver and hex bit organization.

Brand new, direct from Audacious Concept, Finland.

Approximate Dimensions - 67 x 61 x 15 mm


Brand Audacious Concept
Length 2.65“
Width 2.40"
Thickness 0.59"
Material Polymer
Weight 1.06 oz.
Condition New
Country of Origin Finland