Bastinelli Creations

Bastinelli Creations was started by French knifemaker and designer, Bastien Coves. Bastien has a true passion for the industry and believes that knives are "More than a tool, the knife is a companion." With this belief and his artistic talents, Bastien creates full custom one-of-a-kind handmade pieces with a focus in military, law enforcement, self-defense and martial arts stylings.

As the popularity of his custom knives grew, Bastien also decided to offer a mid-tech line-up of his designs. Most pieces are made in France or Italy and some are still hand-finished by Bastien himself insuring a high standard of fit/finish and function. The mid-tech/industrial line of Bastinelli Knives allows for him to get more pieces to market in an affordable and timely manner without sacrificing quality on his custom pieces. We will note the fully handmade knives as well as the custom-tech in our descriptions.
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