Benchmade Work Sharp Edge Maintenance Tool Pocket Sharpener 50030

Model #: BM-50030
Brand: Benchmade
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Made in collaboration with Work Sharp Sharpeners, the Benchmade Edge Maintenance Tool gives you the freedom to maintain your edged tool anywhere life takes you. The compact design features built-in angle guides for a consistent bevel when using the ceramic hone and leather strop features. A blue anodized pivot collar give the tool some classic Benchmade style while a Bugout-style mini deep carry clip offers convenient and secure pocket carry. This tool is MOLLE compatible and thanks to the compact design it easily fits in a pocket or a pack making it a perfect every day carry accessory.

Brand new direct from Benchmade Knives


Brand Benchmade
Length 4.35“
Width 0.60"
Thickness 0.65"
Material Polymer, Leather, Ceramic
Weight 1.20 oz.
Condition New