Benchmade Knifesmith Multi-Bit 12-In-1 Driver Tool with Internal Storage 50141

Model: BM-50141
Manufacturer: Benchmade
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Featuring a variety of bits, the Benchmade Knifesmith multi-bit driver is capable of handling your knife maintenance blues with ease. The included bits are stored away in the handle, preventing them from rolling around the toolbox or, if you're like me, getting lost down the AC vent. The end of the handle spins freely, keeping your hand from getting fatigued, and is kind of fun to fidget with while you're trying to figure out how to get your knife back together.

Included Bits:

T5 torx
T6 Torx
T8 Torx
T10 Torx
0.050” Hex
1/16 Hex
2mm slotted
4mm slotted
P0 Phillips
P1 Phillips
P2 Phillips

**Please note: We made an error in our June 9th, 2023 newsletter and advertised this driver to be made in the USA; however, it is actually made in Taiwain.  We apologize for any confusion caused from our end! 


Condition New
Overall Length 6.10"
Thickness 1.02"
Weight 2.54 oz.
Country of Manufacture Taiwan