Boker Solingen Swiss Dagger Nichols Mosaic Damascus Ebony Wood Fixed Blade 121552DAM

Model: BO-121552DAM
Manufacturer: Boker
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The Swiss dagger was a common weapon of Swiss pikemen as early as the 15th and 16th centuries. Given a longer blade length it occupied a middle position between dagger and sword much like the Japanese wakizashi. Also known as a baselard, the Swiss dagger served as a secondary weapon and was not issued, but had to be procured privately by soldiers. This historical design is now being offered in a limited, 500 pieces worldwide production run with a stunning Nichols' Mosaic Damascus, polished guard and pommel and Ebony wood handle. Includes individual serial number, wooden display box and a certificate of authenticity.

Brand new, direct from Boker Solingen, Germany.

Blade: The diamond-shaped cross-section of the Swiss dagger, accurately reproduced from historical models in this construction make this an extremely stable and effective blade. Sharpened on both sides this is a true dagger and nicely showcases the complex Mosaic Damascus on all four facets.

Handle: The unusual, internally curved design of the pommel and the cross guard are characteristic of the Swiss Dagger and can be traced back to the early 13th century. These elements are found in the authentic design of this handmade piece executed in a high polished finish. Guard and pommel frame a dark, hand selected certified imported Ebony wood handle all perfectly fit together along with the blade.

Carries via a high quality, hand sewn dark brown leather belt sheath.

Nichols Mosaic Damascus: Extremely demanding to forge, master smith Chad Nichols creates Mosiac Damascus through an elaborate and very complicated process. The Damascus package, which initially consists of stacked layers, is cut up and reassembled in a staggered manner to create a unique mosaic pattern at the end faces of the bar. The Damascus is then cut up again and the complex process is repeated several times, the resulting pattern becoming finer and more unique with each step. Finally, the individual packages are stacked and forged in the shape of a square so that the ends of the individual pieces form a new surface. Every aspect of each of the steps must be optimally coordinated making this a challenging process to create a highly valuable and unique material.


Overall Length 14.13"
Blade Length 8.56"
Sharpened Length 8.53"
Blade Thickness 0.18"
Blade Material Damascus
Handle Thickness 0.80"
Handle Material Wood
Guard Stainless Steel
Butt Cap Stainless Steel
Weight 9.90 oz.
Sheath Leather
Sheath Weight 2.50 oz.
Country of Manufacture Germany