Boker Shiageto 1500 Grit Japanese Fine Benchstone

Model: BO-09KE182
Manufacturer: Boker
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The Boker Shiageto Japanese Fine Benchstone features 1500 grit making it perfect for honing high performance blades. These sharpening stones, made by Masahiro, are essential tools for keeping your blades' sharpness and edge retention. They consist of a water soluble matrix exposing fresh sharpening particles when wet, which creates maximum sharpening ability. The Japanese have been using these stones for hundreds of years giving them their reputation for high quality incredibly sharp blades. It is recommended these stones be used in the traditional method of Japanese sharpening, and never without water.


Grit Type Stone
Grit Extra Fine
Overall Length 7.00"
Width 2.00"
Thickness 0.75"
Weight 16.06 oz.
Country of Manufacture Japan