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Strider SnG Models

The Strider Knives SnG knife is an industry leader in hard-use mid-size tactical folders. Built to handle the toughest and harshest conditions on the planet, the SnG is a tool you can depend on. The handle is constructed from virtually indestructible Titanium and G10 offering several different grips and finishes. The Ti side forms the immovable frame-lock with Hinderer lock stop turning your folder into a virtual fixed blade ready to get to work. Strider Knives uses a plethora of blade steels ranging from Crucible's S30V to Carpenter's XHP and everything else in-between. The most commonly used blade style is the spear-point for a multitude of uses, but occasionally tough-nosed tanto-points make an appearance. No matter the combination, a Strider SnG folder is a tool you can trust with your life.