Case 1-Dot 1989 Serpentine Pen Goldstone Centennial - Mint

Model #: CA-V238
Brand: Case
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Vintage Case 1-Dot 1989 Serpentine Pen pattern in mint condition. Featuring clip, pen and sheepsfoot blades fully mirror polished. There are no chips or cracks in handle & all blades have good snap. This knife is out of a hundred piece knife set #349 of 500 made for 1989. The number 349 above a long C has been engraved on the primary bolster. The blade bears the "CASE XX 1989 TESTED CENTENNIAL 1889-1989 marking. The Blade also features the CASE XX 1889-1989 tang stamp and the sheepsfoot blade has GS333 SS pattern number. Item does not include original box or paperwork. More images are available on request.

**Mint Condition: Original as it once came from the manufacturer. Never used, carried, sharpened or heavily cleaned. Unblemished.**

Tiny rub on back of master clip blade. Slight shrinkage.


Knife Action Manual
Brand Case
Overall Length 4.56"
Blade Length 1.94"
Sharpened Length 1.68"
Blade Type Stainless
Closed Length 2.62"
Handle Material Acrylic
Bolster(s) Nickel Silver
Liner(s) Brass
Weight 1.00 oz.
Country of Origin United States