Case Winterbottom Ginger Ale Bone

The Case Winterbottom Jigged Ginger Ale Bone series has eight traditional Case knife patterns to choose from, or you can collect them all. With models such as the Sowbelly, Copperlock and Saddlehorn, you just may want to. All of these traditional knife designs feature very distinct Winterbottom Jigged Ginger Ale Bone handles. The bubbly color of ginger ale gives the handle a warm look along with the Winterbottom jigging. This particular jigging style was made popular by Samuel Winterbottom, a Sheffield-born cutter, who also went along to found Winterbottom Cutlery Works in the 1920's. Polished nickel silver bolsters give the warm-toned handle an extra touch of class while the Case Bomb shield gives a sense of nostalgia!
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