Cold Steel Safe Maker II Double Edge Push Dagger Stonewash 12DCST

Model: CS-12DCST
Manufacturer: Cold Steel
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The Cold Steel Safe Maker II is the shorter of the Series and next in the lineage of a quarter century of refinement. When it comes to push daggers, look no further than Cold Steel. They take their daggers seriously. The level of steel, its treatment, finishing and design is never taken lightly because they know their customers depend on them.

The Blade: Chisel ground to an intensely piercing dagger point for excelling in slicing, slashing and penetrating cuts. Ground on both sides, sharpened on both sides and given a fuller groove running right down the middle. The blade, shaft and "T" shaped tang are built from one solid piece of AUS 8A stainless steel and given a broken in stonewashed finish. Once finished, the steel is vacuum heat treated and sub-zero quenched improving strength and performance. Contours heading into the shaft are ideal should the user choose to rest the index and middle fingers up against the blade without worry. The design is classic and timeless.

The Handle: Cold Steel has wrapped around the "T" tang a textured Kray-Ex handle for comfort and security. This material will stand up to oils, liquids and other sediments over time. It fits and fills the palm nicely for a quick grip. It retains well in its black Secure-Ex sheath, but is easily deployed at a moment's notice. The sheath has an attached clip and lashing points for carrying just about anywhere you'd like. 


Overall Length 5.00"
Blade Length 2.63"
Sharpened Length 2.00"
Blade Thickness 0.181"
Blade Material AUS-8A
Blade Type Stainless
Handle Thickness 0.63"
Handle Material Rubber
Weight 2.30 oz.
Sheath Material Polymer
Sheath Weight 1.00 oz.
Condition New
Country of Manufacture Taiwan