CRKT Trencher Tactical Shovel 9750

Model: CRKT-9750
Manufacturer: CRKT
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The CRKT Trencher Tactical Shovel with three position locking head and gear-compatible sheath. This heavy duty shovel has a spade with an aggressive wood saw on one side and a beveled edge for cutting roots and chopping wood. This hard core entrenching tool has a reinforced steel tip on the shovel head that can breaks up rocks that are in the way.Tough tubular steel handle has Polypropylene molded bolt-on grips with a built-in wire cutter. These comfortable grips keep the shovel from twisting in the hand when chopping and digging. When things go wrong, a Trencher can cut, saw, pick, or dig your way out of it.


Overall Length 27.2"
Width 5.78"
Weight 60 oz.
Country of Manufacture China