ESEE Pocket Survival E&E Kit Basic

Brand: ESEE
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ESEE Pocket Survival E&E Kit with an OD green heavy duty cordura nylon PSKT pocket container that holds a variety of survival essentials and useful E&E tools. Contents of the kit were carefully thought out by those at Randall's Adventure & Training and with input from personnel working overseas. The pocket container is compact and light enough that an individual can carry this on their body at all times while traveling or working in a hostile environment.

    This basic kit features:
  • PSKT Pocket Container
  • Pencil
  • Survival Saw Blade with Handle
  • Original SAS Wire Saw
  • Surgical Scalpel with Handle
  • Rescue Whistle
  • Can Opener
  • Signal Mirror with Aiming Screen Fire Starting Flint
  • Tinder Tabs
  • Water Treatment Tablets
  • Fresnal Lens Magnifier / Fire Starter
  • Utility Wire
  • MilSpec Cord
  • AlokSak
  • Personal Survival Fishing Kit
  • Disposable Handcuff Key
  • Mini First Aid Kit
  • Stay Alert Caffeine Supplement Chewing Gum
  • *Contents Subject to Change**


Brand ESEE
Length 3.75“
Width 5.00"
Thickness 1.50"
Weight 8.70 oz.
Country of Origin United States