FourSevens Quark QK2A MKIII Black HAIII AA LED Flashlight

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Some 10 years ago the Quark was the first commercially produced "high output" LED flashlight on the market and it ushered in the era of modern EDC (Every Day Carry) flashlight. The MKIII continues the legacy of innovation that put the Foursevens brand (and founder David Chow) on the map in the world of EDC gear. The design foundation remains the same with the following refinements:

  • Industry-leading LED: The Nichia 319A 5000K 80+ CRI LED strikes the perfect balance between beam quality and output.
  • Configurable interface: 6 convenient program presets (configurations) allow you to choose your favorite, at any time. The configurable user interface is being standardized across the entire Foursevens line for continunity.
  • Burst mode: Using a very fast double press, burst mode (100%) output is directly accessible from any previous level with memory to the last saved mode.
  • More beef: A slight increase in the diameter of the entire light improves mechanical reliability and impact resistance. Durability + Reliability = Longevity.
  • Pocket Clip: The new clip is made from thicker material, provides easier pocketing, and improved grip (from the clip not the body texture).
  • Tailstand cap: Included is the all new snap-on Quark Tailstand Cap for those who prefer a recessed button and a light that can tailstand.
  • Hybrid Memory: A blend of memory and no-memory, the hybrid configuration saves the last mode used but reverts to the first mode in the sequence when shifting out of a saved mode.
  • Solid Copper (Direct Thermal) MCPCB: The LED is mounted to a solid copper PCB to provide superior thermal performance and maximum output.
  • DIY Friendly: Honoring the tradition of individual makers and modders working at home on their kitchen tables components are not glued or thread locked, so they can be disassembled with minimal effort avoiding damage to the light.

The QK2A MKIII powered by two AA batteries has a black type three hard anodized (HAIII) aluminum construction and carries via a robust stainless steel pocket clip.

Brand new direct from FourSevens.

*NOTE: Alkaline battery damage is the #1 cause of failed lights through corrosive destruction. Alkaline battery damage IS NOT covered under warranty. 0.9V-3.0V (NO Lithium Ion Rechargeable)


  • Make sure that the battery is inserted with the positive side (+) toward the head.
  • Press for momentary on or click for continuous.
  • A quick off/on cycle changes modes
  • Two very quick off/on cycles activates burst mode
  • Enter configuration mode with 10 on/off cycles in less than 3 seconds. The light will begin to blink a number of times corresponding to the selected configuration. I.E. Config. 3: 3 blinks, pause, 3 blinks. If there is no input for 5 seconds the light will exit configuration mode.
  • Turn the light off for 5 seconds to save the current configuration to memory

Output and Runtimes:

  • Max: 500 Lumens - 1.25h
  • High: 300 Lumens - 1.5h
  • Med: 80 Lumens - 8h
  • Low: 1.5 Lumens - 210h
  • SOS: International Distress Signal
  • Strobe: 700 Lumens @ 20Hz
  • Beacon: 2 blinks every 5 seconds

Configurable User Interfaces:

  • Config. 1: High + Burst
  • Config. 2: Max - Strobe
  • Config. 3: Medium - High + Burst
  • Config. 4: Low - Med - High + Burst
  • Config. 5: High - Med - Low + Burst
  • Config. 6: Low - Med - High - Strobe - SOS - Beacon + Burst


  • 2 x Rechargeable AA NiMh Batteries, Tail Stand Cap and Instructions


Length 5.85“
Body Diameter 0.74“
Bezel Diameter 0.88“
Body Material Aluminum
LED Nichia 319A
Max Output 500 lumens
Beam Distance 475.7 feet
Impact Resistance 1 meters
Weight 4.20 oz.
Country of Origin China