Lansky C-Clip Combo Knife Sharpening System

Model: LN-C-CLIP
Manufacturer: Lansky
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The Lansky C-Clip Combo is a power trio of sharpening and maintenance tools to keep your edged tools in good working order throughout the day.

The C-Clip consists of a lightweight, durable and weather resistant base that houses two ceramic rods that are inserted for a v-style rod sharpener which handle a variety of tools in any environment. Ultraportable, the C-Clip is a go anywhere tool perfect for travel or the shop.

Even more lightweight, the “Mini” knife sharpener is a pull through style ceramic crock stick sharpener. Ideal for pocket, keychain, or belt hook carry it is the perfect choice for EDC touch ups.

Last but not least the Eraser Block cleans buildup from your ceramic rods to keep them sharpening optimally. Additionally, the Block can erase tough stains and spots from nearly any surface.

Brand new, direct from Lansky Sharpeners.


Grit Type Ceramic
Overall Length 5.41"
Width 0.83"
Thickness 0.68"
Weight 1.20 oz.
Country of Manufacture China