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Live Fire Gear Emergency Fire Starter Twin Pack

Manufacturer: Live Fire Gear

Model: LF-TP-2

Retail: N/A


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Slide it! Scratch it! Strike it! The Original Twin Pack Fire Starter from Live Fire Gear is the ultimate in backyard to deep woods fire starting. This is the Twin Pack featuring two starters. Each weighing just under an ounce each.

The internal fiber contents of each container just need scraped and lifted to expose them, ready for lighting. Ignite with a match, lighter or striker and watch the flame begin. Use the sliding lid to adjust your desired flame size and place the container under your prepared fuel source.

Average burn times are 20-30 minutes with the lid completely removed. Heat created is extremely hot which allows it to easily dry out and ignite wet wood and difficult to light tinder. Also makes a great candle!

The entire contents are 100% waterproof and will light even after being submerged in water for long periods of time. It is meant for all weather conditions plus creates a charred cloth that can be re-used again and again. Cedar scented!

The Live Fire Gear fire starter has an infinite amount of uses. It's great for lighting the barbeque, fireplace, burn pile, wood stove and getting a roaring fire going on those cold camping nights. It's so light. Keep it in your pack, purse, shed or garage. You'll never know how you lived without it!


Overall Length 3.11"
Width 1.38"
Weight .90 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States