Maratac CountyComm Precise Ultra Fine Self Opening Titanium Tweezer Blue Anodized

Model #: MAR-077
Brand: Maratac
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For the most small-scale task, you need the most precise tweezer possible and the Precise Fine Self Opening Tweezer from Maratac is the tool you require. Commonly seen in the medical field, these tweezers are perfect for delicate work such as wound cleaning and thanks to the solid Grade 5 titanium construction they are easily sterilized. The self opening action reduces mechanical movement for greater precision in use. The bright blue electro anodized finish makes them easy to find in your bug out bag, First Aid Kit, tool box, work bench or wherever you decide to keep them. Includes protective tip cover.

Brand new, direct from Maratac.


Brand Maratac
Length 4.58“
Width 0.85"
Thickness 0.14"
Material Titanium
Weight 0.25 oz.
Condition New