Mcusta Zanmai Classic Pro Sujihiki 240 mm VG10/Damascus Black Pakkawood Kitchen Knife HFB-8010D

Model: MC-HFB-8010D
Manufacturer: Mcusta
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Japanese for "luxury" or "indulgence" you will find the Zanmai Classic Pro series to be just that. Premium VG10 San Mai Damascus delivers a blade that looks as good as it performs while the black Pakkawood composite handle offers a familiar natural wood feel with the added benefit of modern composite materials. The Zanmai Classic Pro Sujihiki 240 mm delivers a stunning look with exceptional slicing performance.

Brand new, direct from Mcusta.

Sujihiki are narrow long, narrow, blades used for trimming and slicing meat or boneless fish as well as filleting and skinning fish. The long blade a cut to be preformed in one single drawing motion. The long, narrow, and thin blade pairs with cutting technique and a fine, sharp edge to minimize damage to the material. The v-edge blade is considered a Western equivalent of the Yanagi and works well for Sushi or Sashimi in addition to other slicing tasks.

Blade: The fully flat ground blade is San Mai Damascus stainless steel with VG10 core for style and performance. The outer layers protect and support the hardened steel core that forms the blade’s edge. At just over 35 mm wide, the long narrow blade of the Sujihiki has a fine, razor sharp edge that slices effectively from heel to tip for fast trimming and clean cuts.

Handle: The modified European style handle has a hidden tang construction for clean aesthetics with a durable black Pakkawood framed by red liners and attached with two stainless pins and a single mosaic pin. A stainless steel butt cap and bolster round out construction for a lightweight and well-balanced handle.

San Mai Damascus: Three layer sandwich construction consists of a VG10 core, a high-carbon Japanese stainless steel popular in Japanese kitchen knives, and outer cladding of 33 layer nickel Damascus for unique visual appeal along with enhanced toughness and corrosion resistance.


Overall Length 15.00"
Blade Length 9.70"
Sharpened Length 9.50"
Blade Thickness 0.08"
Blade Material Damascus, San Mai, VG-10
Blade Type Stainless
Blade Rockwell 60-62 HRC
Handle Thickness 0.75"
Handle Material Pakka Wood
Butt Cap Stainless Steel
Weight 5.50 oz.
Country of Manufacture Japan