Olight Baton 3 Purple Gradient Limited Edition Rechargeable 1200 Lumen LED Flashlight

Model #: OL-BATON-3-PG
Brand: Olight
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The Olight 3 Baton has a 1200 lumen max output powered by a customized 550mAh IMR16340 battery. The Baton 3 retains the small, compact form factor and simple one button operation of the previous iteration with improved runtimes across the board. Lock out mode and power indicator makes this light one of our top choices for everyday carry and use for all users. This limited edition version comes with a purple gradient anodized body and black PVD clip and bezels. 3000 produced worldwide.

Includes: Baton 3 Flashlight, pocket clip, customized 550mAh 3.7V IMR16340 rechargeable battery and user manual.

Brand new, direct from Olight.

Body: Aircraft grade, anodized aluminum body construction with magnetic tail cap for attachment to ferrous objects for hands-free use with texture milling for enhanced grip in the hand. The removable stainless steel pocket clip can be used for either lens up or down carry in the standard configuration. Premium TIR optics lens offers a balanced beam and hot spot. A three-color power indicator under the switch indicates your current power level: Green - 60%, Yellow - between 10% and 60%, Red - Power<10%.

Operation: Tap the switch to resume to the last mode used. From on, press and hold to cycle through the brightness levels. A quick double tap give direct access to maximum output. Three quick taps goes directly to strobe mode. Press and hold for more than one second for moonlight mode, if the button remains held the light will turn off and enter lockout mode. Press and hold to unlock into moonlight mode. Circuitry in the light gradually changes the brightness levels during mode changes and power cycles to make it easy on the operators eyes. Additionally, to maintain thermal control the light will only run at the highest lumen output for a minute and a half before lowering down to 300 Lumen output.

Outputs and Runtimes

  • 1200/300 Lumens - 1.5 + 75 mins
  • 300 Lumens - 95 mins
  • 60 Lumens - 7.5 hrs
  • 12 Lumens - 33hrs
  • 0.5 Lumens - 20 days


Brand Olight
Length 2.48“
Body Diameter 0.83“
Bezel Diameter 0.83“
Body Material Aluminum
Max Output 1200 lumens
Beam Distance 544 feet
Impact Resistance 1.5 meters
Weight 1.87 oz.
Country of Origin China