Prometheus Lights Kappa Quick Release Solid Titanium KC-QR-TI

Model: PL-KC-QR-TI
Manufacturer: Prometheus Lights
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The Prometheus Lights Kappa Quick Release is identical to (and compatible with) the Beta-QR v2 quick release design. A proprietary "canted coil spring" is used to provide a "snap together" action: two pieces, no moving parts, nothing to break and the spring is replaceable if that's ever needed. The spring is manufactured by a company that specializes in only this type of spring. It's commonly used for electrical and mechanical interconnects on everything from heart implants to military electronics to stuff that flies in space. It should be adequate for your house key. To significantly reduce the force needed to connect/disconnect the Kappa push + twist right or pull + twist left respectively. Excellent for use with flashlights, automotive fobs, flash drives, keys and more. This version is made from solid Titanium.

Brand new, direct from Prometheus Lights.


Overall Length 1.25"
Width 0.50"
Material Titanium
Weight 0.30 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States