Randall Knives began humbly in the early 1940’s after W.D. “Bo” Randall took up knife making as a hobby. Shortly after making his first knife, he began selling them in his father-in-law’s clothing store in Orlando, Florida. When World War II began, he received a special request from a sailor for one of his handmade knives. The sailor was so happy with his Randall Made knife that most of his friends and their friends placed orders with Bo Randall for one as well. Although he was unable to keep up with the orders, he refused to mass produce his knives as they were relied upon by our servicemen. The knives they are most famous for today is their everyday use outdoors knife which features the finest quality craftsmanship available. W.D. Randall passed away in 1989, but his son, Gary, continues to run the Randall Made Knives in Orlando, Florida.
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