Reate Future Integral Knife M390 Carbon Fiber Bronze Titanium V11

Model: RK-FUTURE-V11
Manufacturer: Reate Knives
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Reate knives continues to impress with the newly designed Future by Tashi Bharucha. This knife is a smooth, sleek looking design in an integral format; a first for Reate.

The Blade: The blade of the future is composed of Bohler M390 with a long flat grind that stretches all the way to the handle. A satin finish has been applied for a clean look. The flipper seamlessly flows into the blade tang creating a unique look with a small fuller for character. The usual effortless flipping action found in most reate knives is present here, and thanks to some bearings everything is silky smooth.

The Handle: Perhaps more intriguing than the blade, David Deng and the rest of the Reate crew really pushed the envelope here. First and foremost this knife is an integral piece, which for those not in the know means it was constructed out of one solid billet of titanium. No standoffs or backspacer here. Reate then precision inlayed standard carbon fiber, countoured the handle and anodized bronze. As if that wasn't enough they also created a pivot system which fully disassembles, bearings and all, allowing the user full access to clean and maintain the knife.

About M390: Bohler M390 has become an extremely popular choice for high-end user grade knives thanks to its extreme edge retention. M390 also has a good corrosion resistance, meaning most users can avoid problems by simply wiping off their blade after each use. Another great feature of this steel is its ability to resist burr formation during sharpening. Comparable steels are CTS-204P and Duratech 20CV.

About Tashi Bharucha: Tashi has been designing knives with some of the top makers for some time. Usually he would have the maker produce a handful knives, with the only stipulation being that he could keep one for himself. Demand quickly outweighed production and these knives regularly fetch big money on the secondary market. Recently he has began his own work and produces mid-tech runs alongside the individual maker knives.


Overall Length 8.87"
Blade Length 3.75"
Sharpened Length 3.62"
Blade Thickness 0.157"
Blade Material M390
Blade Type Stainless
Blade Rockwell 60-62 HRC
Opening Mechanism Flipper
Lock Frame Lock
Closed Length 4.99"
Handle Material Carbon Fiber, Titanium
Clip Material Titanium
Weight 5.35 oz.
Country of Manufacture China