Rovyvon Aurora A24 Titanium Flashlight Neutral White (5000K)

Model #: RV-A24-G2-5000K
Brand: RovyVon
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The Titanium Rovyvon Aurora A24 (Gen 2) flashlight has a satin machined titanium body and a neutral white (5000K) high CRI LED emitter.

  • High Output: Bright, neutral white beam outputs 600 lumens.
  • EDC-Friendly: Roughly the size of a roll of nickels.
  • High Quality: Premium titanium body with a satin finish.
  • Rechargeable: Charges via USB-C in just one hour.

The Rovyvon Aurora A24

The Rovyvon Aurora A24 is a pocket sized, rechargeable, everyday carry light. This light has an extremely high output for its size, with several brigthness levels available to the user. Everything is packaged in a premium titanium body, and is rechargeable via an included USB-C cable. Comes with a magnetic pocket clip for in-pocket carry.

Generation 2: The 2nd Generation adds a larger battery and USB-C charging to the light. Operation has been changed to a dual switch system, making the lockout system easier to use. This generation also upgrades the clip to be magnetic.

Modes & Operation

The Aurora comes with multiple brightness levels, alongside strobe and SOS modes. The highest output can be easily accessed and the dual switch system makes using the lockout mode a breeze.

Lockout Mode (Long Press): Each light may ship with lockout mode enabled. Holding down the Unlock button for 3 seconds will unlock the light, with a confirmation of 3 short flashes. To lock the light, hold the Lock button down for 5 seconds. The light will flash twice to let you know it has been enabled.

Moonlight (Click Lock): To enter moonlight click the lock button once while the light is unlocked. Clicking again will turn the light off.

Constant-On (Double Click Lock): To activate the continuous mode, simply double click the lock switch. Single clicking the same switch in this mode will cycle through each available level (Low-Medium-High-Turbo). To turn the light off, press and hold the switch for half a second. This mode has a memory function, and will return to the last mode which was used.

Momentary (Press and Hold Unlock): The highest output can be accessed immediately by pressing and holding the unlock button. When this button is released the light will return to the off position.

Strobe and SOS (Double Click Unlock): Emergency Strobe and SOS modes can be accessed by double clicking the unlock button. Clicking in this mode will cycle the output (Strobe-SOS). Press and hold the unlock button for half a second to turn the light off.

Charging: The indicator will turn red when the light is low on battery. Plugging in the included USB-C-A cable will bring your light back to a full charge in just one hour. During charging, the indicator will breath blue, and will become solid green once the light is fully charged.


Brand RovyVon
Length 3.09“
Body Diameter 0.86“
Bezel Diameter 0.86“
Body Material Titanium
LED Nichia 219C
Max Output 600 lumens
Beam Distance 390 feet
Impact Resistance 1.5 meters
IP Rating IPX8
Clip Material Stainless Steel
Weight 2.20 oz.
Condition New
Country of Origin China