Rovyvon Aurora A9 Copper Flashlight Cool White (6500K)

Model: RV-A9-PRO-G4-6500K
Manufacturer: RovyVon
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The Copper Rovyvon Aurora A9 (Gen 4) flashlight has a satin-machined copper body and a high output, cool white beam.

  • Compact: A touch smaller than a tube of chapstick.
  • Unique: Copper body will develop a unique patina over time.
  • Powerful: Outputs 650 lumens of cool white light up to 360 feet.
  • Fast Charging: Charges in one hour using a USB-C cable (not included).

The Rovyvon Aurora A9 Pro

The Rovyvon A9 Pro is a small rechargeable copper flashlight designed for keychain carry. The Pro Series lights have a reflector to focus the beam over longer distances. Each A9 light comes packaged with a removable magnetic pocket clip and magnetic tail base for added convenience.

Generation 4: The 4th Generation A4 has an updated metal switch and USB-C charging for a 100% charge time in just one hour. This generation also features a lockout mode to prevent accidental activation.

Modes & Operation

The Aurora comes with several brightness levels and a strobe option, while also giving the user the option to go straight into the highest output. A lockout mode is also available to prevent accidental operation.

Lockout Mode (5 Clicks): Each light may ship with lockout mode enabled. Click the switch 5 times in rapid succession to toggle the lockout mode off before operating the light. The light will blink 3 times to let you know it is unlocked. Lockout mode can be enabled again by again rapidly clicking 5 times, with a double flash as confirmation.

Momentary (Press and Hold): High mode can immediately be accessed by pressing and holding the button. Releasing the button will turn the light off.

Constant-On (2 Clicks): To activate the continuous mode, simply double click the switch. Single clicking the light during this mode will cycle through each available level (Moonlight-Low-Medium-High). To turn the light off, press and hold the switch for half a second. This mode has a memory function, turning the flashlight on to the last mode which was used for more than 3 minutes.

Strobe (3 Clicks): Strobe mode can be enabled by clicking the switch 3 times in quick succession.

Charging: The indicator will turn red when the light is low on battery. Plugging in a USB-C cable (not included) will bring your light back to a full charge in just one hour. During charging, the indicator will breath blue, and will become solid green once the light is fully charged.


Condition New
Rechargeable Yes
Batteries Included Yes
Overall Length 2.41"
Body Diameter 15.6 mm
Bezel Diameter 15.6 mm
Body Material Copper
Bulb Type Luminus SST20
Max Output 650 lumens
Beam Distance 360 feet
Impact Resistance 1.5 meters
IP Rating IPX6
Clip Material Stainless Steel
Weight 1.30 oz.
Country of Manufacture China