Schmuckatelli Emerson Skull Bead Black Titanium

Manufacturer: Schmuckatelli Company
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The Schmuckatelli Emerson Skull Bead crafted from black titanium is the perfect addition to all of your EDCs. Black titanium is formed by blending titanium with other elements to create an extremely hard finished product, while heating it to extreme temperatures alters the color to the sleek black. The black seen on black titanium is not a coating which gives it superior scratch resistance. It measures approximately 3/8"W x 1/2"H x 1/2"D with a 3/16" hole size to fit a double strand of 550 paracord and most accessory cords.


Overall Length 0.50"
Width 0.375"
Thickness 0.50"
Material Black Titanium
Weight 0.20 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States