Shire Post Mint | Aztec Sun Stone Calendar - Sun and Moon Worry Coin Brass

Brand: Shire Post Mint
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Shire Post Mint | Aztec Sun Stone Calendar | Sun and Moon Worry Coin Brass

Based on the 24.5 metric ton monolithic volcanic rock sculpture, the Shire Post Mint Aztec Sun Stone Calendar Worry Coin puts this deeply symbolic artifact right in the palm of your hand. Also known as the Stone of the Five Suns the monolith was buried after the Spanish conquest of Mexico and later rediscovered during repairs on the Mexico City Cathedral in 1790.

The obverse of this coin is an ornate representation of the Sun Stone Calendar with figurative representations of the glyphs and symbols. The reverse features the Shire Post Mint Moon's surface texture at a geographically (or selenographically) correct 91,196,160:1 scale. The pressed texture has a fine tactical feel and the coin has an antique patina that highlights the detail of the design.

Minting process

Treated to look handled and circulated and treated by hand. Part art and part science, coloring and patinas will vary. No two are exactly the same. Dimensions may vary.

Coins have deeply struck, detailed engravings. Struck one at a time in the USA, SPM uses antique machinery and traditional coining techniques.

Each Sun and Moon coin ships in its own wax-sealed packaging with facts about the art of the Sun Stone, a substantial artifact that gives us a better understanding of the historically significant Aztec peoples. 


  • Struck in solid brass
  • Expert antiqued patina highlights the engraving


Brand Shire Post Mint
Width 1.53"
Thickness 0.13"
Material Brass
Weight 1.06 oz.
Condition New
Country of Origin United States