Spyderco Chicago G-10 BD1N Folder C130GP

Model #: SP-C130GP
Brand: Spyderco
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Laws: necessary, good or just nutty are intended to establish order amidst chaos. When our government and society implement rules we do our best to live within their parameters such as when U.S. metropolitan cities such as Chicago limit carrying pocket knives in public to blades two-inches in length or less. As law-abiding citizens the Chicago folder from Spyderco is a great option to carry a tool falling under these restrictions. Rugged stainless liner construction forms the reliable Walker Liner lock mechanism, supports black G10 scales and houses a flat ground CTS-BD1N stainless steel blade to handle your daily cutting needs in the urban environment.

Brand new, direct from Spyderco Knives.

Blade: Though small, this suburban folder is tough. It features a fully flat ground, American CTS-BD1N stainless steel blade with Spyderco Round Hole opener and satin finish. Riding smooth on nylon washers, the blade has a full forward finger choil for added control and security in the hand.

Handle: The handle has matte gray, skeletonized stainless steel liners with textured black G10 scales attached via Torx screws in an open back construction for easy cleaning and maintenance. Between the textured G10 and finger choil, the Chicago has a very comfortable and secure ergonomic grip for extended use. The integral Walker Liner Lock mechanism is smooth, reliable and robust for safe use. A small hollow tube is provided for lanyard attachment.

Carries via a reversible, tip-up only, deep carry stainless steel wire clip.

CTS-BD1N: BD1N is a high Carbon, high Chromium, Nitrogen martensitic stainless steel from Carpenter. Designed as an improvement or evolution of CTS-BD1, BD1N has higher working hardness, up to 63HRC, while retaining good toughness and edge stability. BD1N also has higher amounts of Chromium, Manganese and Silicon in its composition for enhanced performance. CTS-BD1N works well as a knife steel with a fine grain, high corrosion resistance and respectable edge holding ability. At max hardness CTS-BD1N can operate with a 12°-15° per side edge.


Knife Action Manual
Brand Spyderco
Overall Length 5.03"
Blade Length 2.00"
Sharpened Length 1.43"
Blade Thickness 0.12"
Blade Material CTS-BD1N
Blade Type Stainless
Lock Type Liner Lock
Closed Length 3.12"
Handle Thickness 0.41"
Handle Material G10
Liner(s) Stainless Steel
Clip Material Stainless Steel
Weight 2.30 oz.
Condition New
Country of Origin Taiwan