Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Plain ZDP-189 British Racing Green FRN C28PGRE2

Model #: SP-C28PGRE2
Brand: Spyderco
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Often small knives get respect equivalent to their size: very little. Spyderco's Dragonfly might make you reconsider because in this case you get a subcompact size and a lightweight platform with high-end performance. As with many designs from Spyderco, the Dragonfly has superb ergonomics with excellent leverage and control thanks to the jimped thumb ramp and index finger choil. This version comes with a plain edge, flat ground, ZDP-189 Ultrahigh Carbon steel blade and British Racing Green, Bi-directional Textured FRN handles.

Brand new, direct from Spyderco Knives, Japan.

Blade: Delivered in an iconic Leaf-shaped blade, flat ground, satin finished, high-performance Japanese ZDP-189 has excellent slicing performance with a razor sharp plain edge. A thumb ramp and index finger choil offer enhanced control and an ergonomic grip while reducing the overall footprint. On the spine of the blade is a subtle swedge that tapers to a fine point for piercing and fine work. Spyderco's ambidextrous Round Hole opener makes for smooth, easy, one hand operation.

Handle: Linerless FRN handles are durable, lightweight and impervious to the elements with contoured edges for comfort and exceptional traction in the hand thanks to the Bi-Directional texturing. Ergonomic in design, the pommel end forms a perfect pinky finger shelf for added leverage. The combination of index choil and pinky shelf offer plenty of grip area in a compact package. A sturdy mid-back lock design offers rock solid lock up and reliable security in use while the Boye Dent prevents accidental disengagement of the lock when gripping the handle with heavy pressure. A hole at the pommel end allows for easy lanyard attachment for added grip area.

Carries via a reversible, tip-up only, stainless steel wire pocket clip.

Hitachi ZDP-189: A Japanese particle metallurgy steel ZDP-189 has an extremely high carbon (3%) and chromium content (20%). Capable of attaining a very high hardness 65 to 70 HRC, ZDP-189 also has a high carbide content (~30%) giving is very good edge holding (and moderate toughness) while still being relatively easy to sharpen. Despite 20% chromium content ZDP-189 has most of its chromium tied up in the hard carbides making it a non-stainless steel.


Knife Action Manual
Brand Spyderco
Overall Length 5.63"
Blade Length 2.28"
Sharpened Length 1.91"
Blade Thickness 0.09"
Blade Material ZDP-189
Blade Type Carbon
Lock Type Lockback
Closed Length 3.35"
Handle Thickness 0.34"
Handle Material Polymer
Clip Material Wire
Weight 1.20 oz.
Country of Origin Japan