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TOPS Fire Starter Piggy Back

Manufacturer: TOPS

Model: TP-FSPB01

Retail: $25.00


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The TOPS Fire Starter Piggy Back is an ideal carry system for hunters, hikers or anyone else who needs to be able to easily carry a fire starter with them when in the field. The TOPS Fire Starter will work even if previously submerged in water. The fire starter has 3 rods, two of which are magnesium and one of which is ferrocium. The magnesium rods are used to produce shavings that will burn at temperatures above 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The ferrocium rod will produce a molten hot 1,000 plus degree spark when struck to light the magnesium shavings. The kydex piggy back attachment is hand molded kydex that can be easily attached to most kydex sheaths with the included mounting screws. The top hole for attachment is pre-made, while the second hole you can make yourself to insure proper fit to the sheath you are attaching it to.


Overall Length 3.18"
Width 1.18"
Thickness 0.500"
Material Magnesium and Ferrocium
Weight 0.80 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States