UCO Gear Titanium Spork

Model: UCO-F-SP-TI
Manufacturer: UCO Gear
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The UCO Titanium Spork is a lightweight, durable and functional multipurpose utensil for eating with style in the outdoors. Titanium Metal gives you added durability and cooking possibilities (i.e. it won't melt) and the fork tines have a serrated side edge for cutting food with ease. The spoon edge radius is designed to fit perfectly into the corners of the UCO Gear Mess Kit (not included) container to get every morsel of food for efficient consumption and easier cleanup. The reusable tether holds everything together, can be used to hang dry the kit and clips easily to a carabiner. The stackable design allows multiple sporks to be stored together for convenient storage and transportation.

Brand new, direct from UCO Gear.

Dishwasher safe, pure titanium.


Overall Length 7.00"
Width 1.00"
Material Titanium
Weight 0.60 oz.
Country of Manufacture China