Wicked Edge Portable C-Clamp Precision Sharpener with Hard Case WE120P

Model: WKD-WE120P
Manufacturer: Wicked Edge
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Previously known as the Field and Sport, the Wicked Edge WE120P offers a solid clamp which can handle 3/8" thick blades (up to 1/4" longer screws), a wide range of angles and independent angle adjustment creating a sharpening system with a high level of control and precision for the serious knife enthusiast. The WE120P includes a clamp vice which accommodates blades that are up to 3/8" thick. The wide angle range, from 13 to 35 degrees per side, means you can easily sharpen a variety of blades from cleavers to Yanagiba and everything in between with independent angle adjustment for asymmetrical grinds. Extra fine 0.05 degree angle adjustment allows for optimal sharpness without undo removal of material. The WE120P includes a foam padded hard case for transport and storage.

The WE120P Precision Sharpener a C-Clamp for quick mounting on the go to nearly any flat surface.

Brand new, direct from Wicked Edge. Made in the USA.

Features: Sharpens blades up to 15" long, clamps blades up to 3/8” thick with included vise screws (longer screws enable clamping of thicker blades), Angle Range: 13-35 degrees per side (26-70 degrees inclusive), Main angle adjustment in 1 degree increments and micro-angle adjustment in 0.05 degree increments, 8" Guide Rods

  • Precision Sharpener WE120P
  • Coarse 100 Grit / Medium Coarse 200 Grit Diamond Stones (2 ea)
  • Medium 400 Grit / Fine 600 Grit Diamond Stones (2 ea)
  • 1/8" & 3/16" Allen Wrenches
  • Black Permanent Marker
  • C-Clamp
  • Foam Padded Hard Case


Material Aluminum, Steel, Diamond, Plastic
Weight 81.00 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States