Wicked Edge Pro-Pack III w Case WE130PR321024HC

Model: WKD-WE130PR321024HC
Manufacturer: Wicked Edge
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Designed with professional knife sharpeners in mind, the Pro-Pack III is the most versatile sharpener from Wicked Edge, designed to handle the widest variety of knife grinds and edge angles with the utmost precision. The patented Gen 3 Cam-Lock Vise hand clamp fully flat and hollow ground blades and can even grasp distally tapered blades, like many everyday-carry pocket knives and kitchen knives.

With 1 degree coarse adjustment and .05 precision micro adjustment, the WE130 offer sharpening from 10-35 degrees per side handling everything from Japanese Sashimi Knives to Cleavers and works with asymmetrical grinds as well. The abrasive set included with the Pro-Pack III gives you a complete set of tools to customize your edge geometry from re-profiling to final finish, toothy edge to mirror polish.

Now includes: 1500/2000 Grit Diamond Stones, 3000 Grit Diamond Stones and Glass Platens Pack and a 3 Micron Diamond Lapping Film sheet.

Brand new, direct from Wicked Edge, USA.

Features: Sharpens blades up to 15" long, Gen 3 Jaws for ¼” Blades, Angle Range: 10-35 degrees per side (20-70 degrees inclusive), Main angle adjustment in 1 degree increments and micro-angle adjustment in 0.05 degree increments, Guide Rods: 10”.


  • Precision Sharpener WE130
  • Coarse 100 / Medium Coarse 200 Grit Diamond Stones (2 ea)
  • Medium 400 / Fine 600 Grit Diamond Stones (2 ea)
  • Extra Fine 800 / Ultra Fine 1000 Grit Diamond Stones (2 ea)
  • 1500/2200 Grit Diamond Stones
  • 3000 Grit Diamond Stone and Glass Platens
  • 3 Micron Diamond Lapping Film
  • Wixey Digital Angle Gauge (batteries not included)
  • Generation 3 Jaws for 1/4” Blades
  • Low Angle Adapter
  • Advanced Alignment Guide
  • Aluminum Base
  • Hard Carrying Case with Wheels and Retractable Handle


Material Aluminum, Steel, Diamond, Ceramic, Plastic
Weight 576 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States