Work Sharp Precision Adjust Tri-Brasive Knife Sharpener WSBCHPAJ

Manufacturer: Work Sharp
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Utilizing a ball socket rod and clamp system the Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener delivers an exacting edge every time with ease. The three grit Tri-Brasive stone uses coarse 320 and fine 600 grit diamond plates and a fine grit ceramic stone to take your cutting tool from butter knife dull to razor sharp. Precision adjustment in single degree increments from 15° to 30° allow you to dial in your edge angle based on the tool and intended use while an innovative modular clamp design makes getting your knife in and out of the sharpener fast, safe and simple.

A solid non-slip base creates a stable and secure platform for the system. The modular construction makes storage and transport a breeze with fast setup and take down leaving you plenty of time to get all your blades back into keen slicing condition.


  • 1 - Tri-brasive Sharpening Stone
  • 1 - Adjustable Angle Sharpening Chassis
  • 1 - Bench top Base
  • 1 - Knife Clamp
  • 1 - Slide Rod


Grit Type Carbide, Diamond
Grit Medium, Fine, Extra Fine
Overall Length 8.00"
Width 6.00"
Thickness 5.00"
Weight 21.50 oz.