Work Sharp Whetstone Sharpener WSBCHWHT

Model #: WS-BCHWHT
Brand: Work Sharp
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A great way to transition from guided sharpening to freehand, the Work Sharp Benchtop Whetstone offers a traditional water stone sharpening experience with some modern enhancements. The premium dual 1000/6000 grit aluminum oxide sharpening stone allows you to restore your edge and then refine it to exceptional sharpness. The abrasive slowly breaks down to create a slurry for fast sharpening performance while the water control base with anti-slip feet offers a stable platform with orderly operation and fast clean up.

The included magnetic angle guides deliver consistent and precise sharpening at 15° or 17° and can be replaced with optional guides available from Work Sharp. The Whetstone Sharpener delivers professional sharpening results on nearly any cutting tool regardless of your experience level.


  • 1 - Premium 1000 / 6000 Corundum Water Stone
  • 1 - Non-slip stone mat
  • 1 - Water Control Base
  • 2 - 15/17° Sharpening Guides


Brand Work Sharp
Grit Type Stone
Grit Fine, Polishing
Length 10.00“
Width 4.32"
Weight 31.50 oz.