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Greg Lightfoot

There is a lot to be said about our friends from the north. Being one of the top ten custom knifemakers is a good way to start. Mr. Lightfoot's designs are a reflection of himself. Born in Alberta, Canada and raised on a ranch, his love for hunting and the outdoors came at an early age. These influences sparked his now full time job of custom knifemaking. His roots began as a machinest, which gave him a good understanding of fabrication and metallurgy. In his early years, he began delivering knives to bear camps, and from that point has become one of the most renowned knifemakers of our time.

His designs are bold yet flowing, and very appealing to the eye. Most people buy Greg's knives to collect. Realistically, they are made to be trusted and used as a good tool. He uses a variety of blade and handle materials, and some of the best components available. Being an accomplished martial artist, knifemaker, body builder, and raising Mouflon sheep are just a few of his interests. As an avid outdoorsman and hunter, hunting hogs with nothing except his dogs and a knife, Mr. Lightfoot knows what is has taken to create a useful practical tactical folder or fixed blade.